1. WHAT CAN I DO IF I DON’T RECEIVE MY ORDER OR MY ORDER CONFIRMATION? You can contact our customer service through this email address: ecommerce@milazb.it
2. WHICH ARE THE PAYMENT OPTIONS? You can pay with credit card through PayPal or bank transfer, by filling in the following data:
Holder: Isa Spa
IBAN : IT20 F 03069 51292 235410205198  
Reason for payment: order number + data.

Please note that the order will be processed when the payment is verified, generally after 5-6 working days.
3. I FORGOT MY PASSWORD TO GET INTO MY PROFILE AND LOGIN If you forgot your password, you can use the special area on the LOGIN page and send us a message by entering your e-mail address. The system will automatically send the password to the address indicated on the form.
4. HOW CAN I CHECK MY ORDERS? Your placed orders can be consulted in the my account section. By selecting MY ORDERS you can see the index of all the purchased orders.
5.  HOW LONG WILL MY ORDER TAKE TO BE DELIVERED? Once your package is mailed out, you will receive an e-mail with all the instructions to track the shipment.
6.  HOW CAN I RETURN AN ITEM? You have to contact our Customer Service writing to the following e-mail: ecommerce@milazb.it and advising about the intention to return the goods.
It should be remembered that the clients take into consideration what the regulation provides for the terms of sale at the paragraph 'Guarantees and returns'.
7. WHY HAVEN'T I RECEIVED THE ORDER OR THE SHIPMENT CONFIRMATION E-MAIL YET? Try and check into your Spam folder. For any further support, please contact our Customer Service.
8.  HOW TO SHOP TROUGH MILAZB.IT? is very easy, just follow these simple steps
  1. Chose the product, select color and size of the item and add the product to your cart
  2. If you want to continue shopping, just repeat the same process outlined above. If you want to complete your order instead, just click on the basket icon in the upper right to view a summary of your order and proceed to checkout
  3. Select in the next step if you want to complete your order:
    - In a "guest" mode by providing your email if you do not want to register
    - As a registered user through login with the credentials chosen at registration
    Shopping on Milazb.it does not require a registration. Just provide while completing your order an e-mail address where you want to receive your order confirmation.
    Instead, if you want to subscribe to milazb.it by creating your own account, you can do it directly while completing the order.
    Why register? If you register you will have access to exclusive areas and services dedicated to our customers, and you'll have the chance to save your data for the next order, so that you don’t need to provide them every time.
  4. Provide thereafter your billing and shipping information, by differentiating them in case of need
  5. Once you have chosen shipping and payment method, proceed to payment where you will be asked to provide your credit card information or to access your paypal account, in case you have chosen paypal as payment.
    Once you have completed the procedure and you have given the final confirmation to your order, you will receive within a few minutes an email confirmation with all order details. From now on our warehouse will be in charge to take care of everything and as soon as the order is shipped, we will notify you with another e-mail confirmation
9.  CAN I TRACK MY ORDER? Of course, as soon as your order is shipped, you'll get an e-mail with all the instructions to track your shipment
10. CAN I UNSUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER? By clicking on the link 'Click here to unsubscribe to our newsletter' at the bottom of the newsletter.
11. I DON'Y RECEIVE YOUR NEWSLETTER If you don't receive our newsletter, check your 'spam' folder in your e-mail box or ask for support to our Customer Service.
12.  WHERE CAN I FIND THE SIZE-CHART? You could find a chart with the corrispondence between milazb sizes and body measuring in centimeters to the following link. Each item page provides you information about the size the model is wearing online.